• View from Osaka Castle
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    How To Plan A Trip To Japan

    If you are wondering about where to start and how to plan a trip to Japan, then hopefully here will help put your mind at ease. If you have started planning a trip to Japan, you will understand the reason for this discussion. Japan has so many different places that you probably want to visit. If you are like me then this may be a long haul, potentially once in a lifetime, trip. If that’s the case, you definitely don’t want to waste any unnecessary time and money. What Islands To Visit? The country itself comprises of thousands of islands. But, generally speaking, Japan is split into four main islands.…

  • Sake Barrels in Japan
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    Japan: 17 Tips For Your First Time in Japan

    If you are travelling to Japan for the first time, it may feel like a bit of a whirlwind; a country famed for technology and ancient temples. With this comes a culture change for many people and therefore you may be looking for some tips for your first time in Japan. Japan is a country built on respect, dignity and hard work. This means the guidelines on how to act differ from many countries around the world, especially countries in Europe. Below is a list of my top tips for visiting Japan for the first time. These should help you avoid any awkward moments and help you during your time…

  • Be Kobe Sign at Kobe Harborland
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    One Day In Kobe, Japan

    If you are wondering how long to spend in Kobe, then this guide should put your mind at rest. Osaka to Kobe is a quick journey making this a perfect day trip from Osaka. Meaning you can use Osaka as your base and it removes a day of carrying around your bags. As part of a 3 week trip to Japan, I spent one day in Kobe. One day in Kobe is about as long as you want to spend here. You can see all the top things to do in Kobe in about one day. Unlike my day trip to Nara, Kobe has a much more urban vibe, which…

  • Front Photo of Bhudda at Todaiji Temple, Nara Park
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    One Day In Nara, Japan

    This isn’t so much as an itinerary, but more of a guide to how my experience of my one day in Nara went, and also the key information needed for a day trip to Nara. I travelled with a friend for this trip and we were both happy that this was a day trip and not any longer. Although there are lots of things to see and do in Nara, we both felt a full day was enough to see the sights before returning to our base in Osaka. The city of Nara is famous for its numerous temples and shrines. Many of these temples date back to the 8th…