Short Version

Hi! I’m Scott and I am from the West Coast of Scotland in a town just outside Glasgow. My two main hobbies : travelling and country music.

I work full time as a Software Engineer. This means all my time off work is spent attempting to see as much of the world as I can. Little annual leave/holidays from work means it’s all about getting the most out of a trip, so I try to plan as much as possible… with a little room for the unexpected hidden gems that you find exploring any destination. If I’m honest, I probably enjoy planning how I can make the most of a trip just as much as I enjoy the trip itself… but maybe that’s pushing it!

Here is where I will collect all that information I got while planning a trip (along with my personal experiences along the way), and turn them into useful, practical, hopefully entertaining travel stories.

Longer Version

Why This Blog?

Throughout this blog, I’m going to try to give a little insight into my travel, throw up some guides to help others and basically record any experience I encounter. This will cover anywhere I go, from domestic getaways around beautiful Scotland to further afield on longer trips like Japan. Although, due to the fact I am living in Scotland, I will be mostly writing and spending my time in Europe.

It all started when my brother got me a scratch map for as a gift. After that, I thought… “Challenge accepted”. Since then, I have been methodically planning efficient ways to travel the world, and trying to see and experience as many destinations as I can.

This kind of leads me into how I got to writing this post. As all I seem to think about is travelling, where my next holiday will be and where I can feasibly go with the limited holiday time I have, I thought to myself… “Why not start a travel blog?”. Then, this might help get some of the waffle that is floating round my head out into the real world… and maybe, just maybe… entertain / give a little travel insight along the way!

I have spent hours planning trips to make sure I get the most out of each one. Once I have completed my trip, all the hours of effort disappear into a folder and are never seen again. At least with this blog, my discoveries might help someone in the future!

Why This Name?

Now I’m fully aware the name Methodical Wanderer is a bit of an oxymoron (a term I thought I’d never use after failing miserably at English during my education days), but it perfectly sums up the type of traveller I have become!

I am one of those people who like to do a whole lot of research into a destination before a visit, planning where to go, what to do, where I will be when it is time for lunch. This ensures I make the most of my time in a certain place. However, once I am there with my plan of the popular (and not so popular) sights, I love to just wander and discover all the little unknown treasures that make each destination unique!

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now! If you are still reading and would like to know more, check out my latest travels.