If you would like to know how I got here, feel free to learn more about me and how this journey began.

Long story short… I love travelling and want to provide others with some of the experiences I have had the pleasure (or not) of encountering. I will cover any kind of trip from short day trips and weekends away, to longer adventures. Either way, all these trips will include either include travelling with my friends, the rare family holiday, or more likely… travelling with my other half (Claire).

Map of where I have been

My Destinations page will give you the overview of my current travelling activities/progress, and will also point you towards the travel guides, itineraries and travel experiences I have managed to get written to help others and share my (self professed) wisdom.

Or, you can catch up with my latest travels if you just fancy a read of what I have been up to recently!

Personally, I always use either booking.com or Airbnb to book my accommodation. If you haven’t book through AirBnB before, then get up to £34 ($45) off your first trip. Also, HostelWorld will be occasionally used to recommend any budget friendly accommodation.

Anything else you wish to know about me? Feel free to fire over any quick messages or questions you have via my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!